FLOWER KAMBOJA, exotic tropical flowers

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FLOWER KAMBOJA, exotic tropical flowers

The Exotic Tropical Flowers
Author: Budi Sutomo

These tropical flowers are a lovely sight. Flower bud forming rosset with bright bursts of color in the middle. The flowers smelled a faint scent of frangipani as storing a mystical charm. Later, frangipani increasingly popular because they contain various benefits.

Many people think that cambodia Cambodia country comes. This allegation was false because these plants originated from mainland Central America.
Frangipani (Plumeria SP) found Charles Plumier (1646-1706), French botanist. To remember the inventor, Plumier charles last name enshrined into Latin name of this flower.

Cambodian Family
When and how frangipani spread to Indonesia, there is no definitive data. According to some sources, frangipani plants spread to Indonesia by the Dutch.
One thing is certain, Indonesia also has a native frangipani varieties: types of frangipani flowers in white with a yellow section. Small flowers with petals that are not fully open during bloom. Cambodia is a lot of species found in Java and places of worship in Bali.
Botanical experts found four types (species) cambodia: plumeria obtusa, plumeria pudica, and plumeria plumeria rubra acutifolia. In addition to the four types of the above, there are also Rubra Rubra Tricolor or Hybrid which is a result of crossing.
These hybrid types usually have signs of varying colors and large valvate. Varieties of plumeria rubra, for example, marked the end of the leaf and pointed petals. While plumeria marked with obtuse leaf and petal tip rounded.

Characteristics Cambodia
Cambodia is very beautiful as a garden element. Many areas of public parks, offices and a beautiful courtyard with the presence of this flower. Overall figure is very exotic plant with stems form a highly artistic and decorative.
Actually, frangipani including plants sekulen (many contain water). The tree can survive up to tens of years and reaches a height of 7-10 meters. Green leaves with visible leaf veins.
In a way, can frangipani bloom throughout the year. In fact, in certain months of frangipani flowers many. Flower stalks emerge from the end of the rod, at each flower can be found dozens of flowers. Usually, frangipani flower simultaneously, but there are certain types of turns.

Easy to breed
Generally, frangipani breed easily. With seeding can seed or stem cuttings. These plants can also grow in the highlands and low. One thing to note, frangipani plants sekulen including frequent water shortages. However, if the excess water due to stem canker virus. Cambodia also enjoys all day sun, so plant in an open area.
For planting media, we recommend using porus media (not binding on the water). For example, garden soil, coarse sand and manure in the ratio 1:1:1. Sprinkle to taste 2 times a week.
In addition to the land planted in open, frangipani also looks beautiful when planted in pots. Pot of large-cast concrete is best suited for frangipani. Avoid plastic pot due to damp and poor drainage systems.
To appear prima, give NPK fertilizer once every six months. These plants are rarely attacked by diseases. Caterpillars and grasshoppers rodents do not like leaves and stems are sticky. We often find it wilted leaves from ticks and virus attacks the leaves.
Avoid wilted leaf disease by keeping the media clean and do the spraying fungicides and insecticides on a regular basis.

Treat Various Diseases
In addition to perceived beauty, frangipani, too save a million benefits. White sap contained in all parts of plants containing fuvoplumierin. This substance is believed to prevent bacterial growth. The flowers are pretty useful as a drug off the heat, cough and urine launched a bowel movement.
Other compounds, such as contained in plumerid bark can heal cracked heels. One thing to note, avoid the sap of the frangipani mouth and eyes. Active substance contained in them can make teeth fall out and damage the eyes.

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